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Preston-born Jim Green is enjoying probably the best-travelled piece in the world at his home in New Zealand.

His wife Olwyn picked up an eight-pound wheel of her husband's favourite snack, Lancashire Crumbly made by Singleton's Dairy in Longridge, during a recent visit.

She had expected to fly it home until the volcanic ash cloud struck. But the resulting air chaos left her grounded and she was forced to travel with the cheese by car and train through Wales, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Denmark to her son's home in Sweden, where she was able to catch a flight and skirt around the ash cloud.

In an email to Singleton's Dairy, Olwyn said: "It rested in the fridge there during my time before embarking on flights to the United Arab Emirates, Australia and finally home to New Zealand.

"Believe me, carrying perishables is the only reason I would ever travel straight through without stopovers on the trip.

"The cheese was fine, but my goodness I was a wreck."

Her husband was "ecstatic" upon seeing the entire wheel of cheese arrive home with his wife.

He had previously been forced to buy small packs of "inferior and exorbitantly priced" cheese in his Kiwi home.

The couple celebrated by eating "several ounces" of the cheese before Olwyn sliced up the rest and put it in the freezer.

She added: "I know you probably would not recommend that, but it does work for the quality-starved among us and is the only way to get a taste of the real thing."

Singlton's director John Carr said the furthest he knew the company exported its cheese was the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic.

He said: "I think Olwyn has probably covered more miles with her journey back to New Zealand, but I cannot imagine too many Lancashire products have got that far - perhaps there is a packet of Fisherman's Friends in Argentina, or something.

"Olwyn has said she is happy to come back to Longridge and be a poster girl for our Lancashire Crumbly, or by the look of the smile on Jim's face, perhaps he should be."

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