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But at a recent reception held in the Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo, English cheese was featured in every one of eight courses.

The evening, arranged by Longridge based Singleton's Dairy and their distributor Fermier, was a huge success, with over 140 invited journalists, foodies and opinion makers from Tokyo and the surrounding area.

The evening started with a giant cheese buffet organised by Fermier with such delights as Parlick Fell, Cranberry Cheese and Singleton's Beacon Fell Creamy Lancashire - which was said to be the featured cheese of the evening.

The menu, which took the chef three months to prepare under the guide of Fermier owner - maitre de fromage, Rumiko Honma, was a true work of art.

Even the dessert featured a milk pudding topped with apple pie cheese, a real favourite in Japan.

"It was a culinary sensation," said John Carr of Singleton's Dairy.  "The courses just kept on coming and coming - and every single one, somewhere included Singleton's cheeses."

The event coincided with Fermier's 27th birthday celebrations, so all at Singleton's feel it was extra special that only English cheese featured in the reception and all were either made or supplied by Singleton's Dairy, based on Preston Road in Longridge.

Singleton's dairy, based on Preston Road, dates back four generations to 1934 when Duillia Singleton started making cheese at the family farm on Beacon Fell.