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Grandma Singleton's Strong Lancashire, Smoked Haddock Fishcake

Serves 2 (starter)



For the Fishcake:
50g Grandma Singletons Creamy Lancashire cheese
100g Smoked haddock, no skin or bones
100g Maris Piper potatoes, cooked and mashed dry (no butter etc)
25g Spring onions, finely sliced
20g Golden breadcrumbs, white, dried
15g Plain flour  
250ml Whole milk
25ml Double cream
4 Whole peppercorns
1 Bay leaf
1 Egg, beaten   
½ Lemon    
Salt & pepper    

For the Garnishes:
                                                      For the Sauce:
100g Washed, baby spinach leaves                   10g Fresh flat leaf parsley, finely chopped 
10g Butter, salted or unsalted                            5g Wholegrain mustard
5ml White wine vinegar                                     100ml Double cream
2 Eggs                                                                                 25ml Dry white wine 



  1. Weigh out all ingredients as listed above.
  2. Ensure mash potato is warm, not hot. Finely chop parsley, slice spring onions and wash spinach.
  3. Place the whole milk, bay leaf, peppercorns and lemon in a large pan and warm on a medium heat until slightly simmering. Turn onto low.
  4. Carefully place the smoked haddock in the milk liquor and poach for 5-10 minutes until cooked. (Tip; Ensure the milk is not boiling as this will course the fish to break up, especially without the skin on.)
  5. When cooked remove the fish from the liquor and allow to cool slightly.
  6. When cool enough to handle, softly flake the fish into the warm potatoes, ensure the fish doesn’t break up to much.
  7. Mix in the crumbled Lancashire cheese, spring onions, double cream and season to taste.
  8. Form the mixture into evenly sized “patties” (however big/small you require) using a palette knife to shape them. 
  9. Carefully toss the fishcakes in flour, egg wash and then breadcrumb, ensuring all areas of the fishcake is covered. Use a palette knife to reshape again.
  10. Place on a tray, lined with baking paper and place in the fridge until required for cooking.
  11. Place a medium sized pan on a high heat, fill with water and the white wine vinegar. Allow to bring up to the boil. Turn the heat down slightly so the water is simmering. 
  12. In a separate pan, reduce the white wine by ½ and then add the double cream. Allow to gently simmer to reduce by 1/3. Add the wholegrain mustard. At the last minute before serving, season to taste and add the chopped parsley. (This is served hot so this should be done at the last minute.)
  13. In a pre heated fryer (180 degrees c) fry the fishcakes for 2-3 minutes, until golden brown. Remove them from the oil, drain excess oil on kitchen paper and place on a baking tray into a preheated oven (200 degrees c) for 6-10 minutes (dependant on size) or until hot in the middle.
  14. Whilst fishcakes are in the oven, poach the eggs in the simmering water for 3-4 minutes (dependant on how runny you want the eggs to be).
  15. In a separate pan, fry off the spinach on a high heat in the butter, season to taste and drain on kitchen paper.
  16. Serve in a pasta bowl/plate with the spinach on the bottom, the fishcake placed on top with the egg sitting on the cake. Pour the sauce over the top and around the edges of the spinach. The perfect way to enjoy Singleton’s Lancashire creamy cheese as a snack, starter or main course!