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Our Milk

Grandma Singletons Milk Deal with our Local Farmers

Grandma Singletons has joined forces with six local farmers all within a 5 mile radius.  The farmers will produce cow's milk for Singletons cheese, we will collect around 20,000 litres a day in total! 

Our farmers are a very enthusiastic and dedicated team, they work hard to produce a clean, sweet milk for our cheese rich in butterfat and protein.

The first milk collection is on February 1st 2014, the first cheese made will be Monday 3rd February.  The very first Grandma Singletons Famously Strong Lancashire cheese made with our new milk will be ready to taste in February 2015!!!

Our Managing Director Tilly Carefoot and our Sales Manager John Carr went to visit five of the farms on Wednesday 29th January to introduce themselves properly and take a look around the farms, to get a feel of where our cheeses milk will be coming from.

We would also like to say a big thank you to the farmers for their hospitality and to Malcolm Hayhurst for being an excellent navigator and introducing them to all our new farmer friends.

Click on the farm names below to read a bit about them:

            White Hill Farm                     Wheatley Farm               

K Slater Limited                 Brown Brook Farm

Manor House Farm           Moorhead House Farm