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Trade Specifications

This page gives details of the products available to our Trade Customers.

Please select the cheese range you are interested in and downlaod the pdf's for our full technical specifications.

Beacon Fell PDO Traditional Creamy Lancashire pdf-logo.gif    
Grandma Singletons Famously Strong Lancashire pdf-logo.jpg    
Parlick Fell Pure Sheeps Milk Cheese pdf-logo.jpg    
Farmhouse Cheddar pdf-logo.gif    
Mature Cheddar pdf-logo.gif    
Mild Cheddar Cheese pdf-logo.gif    
Vintage Cheddar pdf-logo.gif    
West Country Farmhouse Cheddar PDO pdf-logo.gif    
White Cheshire pdf-image-trans.gif    
Coloured Cheshire pdf-image-trans.gif    
Crumbly Lancashire pdf-image-trans.gif    
Double Gloucester pdf-image-trans.gif    
Red Leicester pdf-image-trans.gif    
Wensleydale pdf-image-trans.gif    
BlueShires pdf-logo.jpg    
Cheddar with Black Pepper Corns pdf-logo.jpg    
Cheddar with Hot Jalapeno and Garlic pdf-logo.jpg    
Cheddar with Sweet Pickle pdf-logo.jpg    
Double Gloucester with Chive and Onion pdf-logo.jpg    
Naturally Oak Smoked Cheddar pdf-logo.jpg    
Sage Derby pdf-logo.jpg    
Stripy Jack Five English County Cheese pdf-logo.jpg    
Port Cheese pdf-logo.jpg    
Whiskey Cheese pdf-logo.jpg    
Apple Pie Cheese pdf-logo.jpg    
Creamy Cranberry Wensleydale pdf-logo.jpg    
Sticky Toffee Cheese pdf-logo.jpg    
Wensleydale and Apricot pdf-logo.jpg    
Organic Double Gloucester pdf-logo.jpg    
Organic Mature White Cheddar pdf-logo.jpg    
Organic Mild White Cheddar pdf-logo.jpg    
Organic Red Leicester pdf-logo.jpg