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UK Trade Customers

Our UK clients can buy authentic locally produced products to compliment any regionality programme they may have in place.  With a genuine PDO Beacon fell Lancashire, the leading brand of aged Lancashire and a locally produced sheep milk product- the grandmas premium range fulfils the regionality criteria, both in bulk for the deli or in self service for the dairy aisle.

Those looking for a complete range of regional cheeses, again both in traditional from or pre-packed are equally catered for Singletons make and pre-pack a full range of regional territorial cheeses.

Flavoured at Mill Farm, Grandma Singletons also offer the most comprehensive range of savoury, dessert and alcohol flavoured cheeses, again in deli format, in self service chunks and also in convenient sliced formats.


Export Trade Customers

Our export clients can of course take advantage of dealing with one of the UK’s most progressive UK dairy companies, and to date over 30 countries import our fine cheeses.  The Grandma Singletons range is complimented by other fine producers to give a full category management solution to both importers and retailers across the globe.

First and foremost Grandma Singletons are cheesemakers – 4 generations of cheesemaking give Grandma Singletons un-parrelled knowledge of what makes a good cheese.  Secondly we are packers of cheese, with modern facilities for both the chunking of cheese and slicing of cheese.

With clients ranging from speciality retailers in France, to major supermarket groups in the USA, Grandma Singletons take care to cater to every type of outlet.  Making Grandma Singletons the first choice on the lips of millions of consumers every week.


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