Sticky Toffee Cheese

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This intriguing cheese delivers an intense and complex flavour which packs a punch and is truly surprising.  We make it using toffee sauce from the famous Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding shop.  You really should try it!

Serving Suggestions

-  Serve it on a cheese board as a delicious sweet dessert cheese


Bread Pudding

Crunchy Pie Bars

Banana Brioche Toastie

Grandma's Promise

All the cheese produced at Grandma Singletons is made using only locally sourced milk from farms no more than 12 miles (20km) away.  Every cheese is hand crafted to the highest quality standards using time honoured traditional methods.

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Product Reviews

  1. Love Love Love

    Posted by Cheese girl Toronto on 27th Nov 2013

    I tried this cheese at a local cheese monger here in Toronto. The girl recommended it after eating a much stronger cheese such as Blue of Stilton. I fell in love... sure it's sweet, that's the me it tastes almost like cheesecake... & I put it on my cheese platters everytime. I find it compliments many different cheeses I have paired it with and... alone I could eat a whole block!!!

  2. Sticky Toffee Cheese

    Posted by Adam - Longridge High School Oct 2013 on 30th Sep 2013

    I didn’t think that I would like this cheese at all but it was really nice a very rich crumbly texture accents the toffee really really well and comes out tasting very nice.
    I think the cheese would go well on a cheese board after a meal with some crackers and grapes.

  3. A really really nice cheese

    Posted by Annie - Longridge High School Oct 2013 on 30th Sep 2013

    Thank-you for giving me the opportunity to try this cheese out and for letting us visit your factory! My mum tried out the cheese and she liked it very much. She found it quite sweet, she also thought it would be suitable for a cheese board after a meal along with crackers and grapes. She thought this because you can only eat it in small quantities because of the sweet taste. I think my mum would repurchase this cheese because she liked it very much.

  4. Sticky Toffee cheese review

    Posted by Jake Peters - Longridge High School Oct 2013 on 30th Sep 2013

    Review of sticky toffee pudding cheese, by Jake Peters.
    I would like to thank Tilly for the visit I learned a lot through the trip.
    With this cheese it was a new flavour to me and I was eager to try it out, personally I thought the cheese was a slight to sweet but other people loved it. I think this cheese would go great with crackers and some fruit, I think it’s more of a desert cheese I think my family would buy this cheese again but for a special day like Christmas, the thing I liked about the look of the cheese was the bits of fruit inside the cheese witch made it look interesting!

  5. My personal opinion on your cheese!

    Posted by Harry Stezaker - Longridge High School Oct 2013 on 30th Sep 2013

    Review of sticky toffee cheese by Harry Stezaker.
    I feel that the cheese I had eaten was very intriguing; it had many flavours to it, quite strong and sweet. However it was not the type of cheese that I would buy from a supermarket or farmers market, reason being is that I am more into the cheddars, Lancashire’s, the volcano cheese and the wensleydale types so this sweet cheese would not go under my specific category.
    As well as this, if I were to be a different type of customer who liked the sweet cheeses I would adore such a cheese, it would go better with some crackers and fruit. If I was in your position I possibly may make mini lunches for workers after a hard day, such as sticky toffee cheese with crackers, possibly.
    Finally I thoroughly enjoyed your cheese and thank you very much for the visit.

  6. Sticky Toffee Cheese

    Posted by Alicia Mckie - Longridge High School Oct 2013 on 30th Sep 2013

    The cheese I tried was an interesting combination. The cheese was quite strong and sweet. There was quite a lot of the toffee in the cheese which made the flavour w a bit overpowering. I think this specific cheese would go well with crackers and fruit. I wouldn’t personally buy this cheese in a supermarket or at a farmers market; although it was a nice cheese I prefer savoury cheese.


    Posted by Ellie Richardson - Longridge High School Oct 2013 on 30th Sep 2013

    The cheese I had was a cheese that brought new flavours and it was strong and a sweet cheese. However I don’t think it was for me because I don’t really have big cheese taste buds and I like standard cheese like mature cheddar cheese yummy…
    I think other people might like it because we have different taste buds and I also think that it would go well with a cheese selection at Christmas.

  8. Sticky toffee cheese review.

    Posted by Oliver wood - Longridge High School Oct 2013 on 30th Sep 2013

    The cheese was a new rather strange taste that I had never tasted before it was quite sweet and worked well with the type of cheese that was used. I would use this cheese with cheese and crackers rather than a pasta bake etc. I would buy this cheese if it was to go into supermarkets.

  9. Too sweet for my liking

    Posted by James Middleton - Longridge High School Oct 2013 on 30th Sep 2013

    Review of sticky toffee by James Middleton. The cheese was a sweet cheese which my mum thought was too sweet. It would have gone well with crackers or with fruit. It was a new interesting type of cheese which would be perfect for people with a sweet tooth. My family wouldn’t by that cheese again because it was too sweet for my diabetic father and also my mother is not a fan of sweet cheeses anyway. And finally I thank Tilly for letting us visit your wonderful factory.

  10. Sticky Toffee Pudding Cheese

    Posted by William Slater - Longridge High School Oct 2013 on 30th Sep 2013

    William Slater
    I thought the cheese (sticky toffee pudding cheese) was quite nice at the start it had a strong start but late it had the sweetness of the toffee. The things I would have with this cheese would be pancakes or grapes. But overall it was a good cheese I would recommend it and buy it.

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