the craft of cheesemaking

Every block of cheese we produce is handmade in Lancashire on a farm which has been in our family for generations. Based on techniques learned by Grandma Singleton way back in the early 1900’s, both our classic cheeses and innovative variations are made in house by our expert cheesecrafters.

We have a long history of creating truly delicious time-honoured cheese but also specialise in experimenting with innovative flavours that you won’t find anywhere else. From Grandma’s Traditional Famously Strong Lancashire to our more unique flavours, such as Cheddar with Hot Jalapeno and Garlic or our Sage Derby, our cheeses are appetising, affordable and still made exactly the same way Grandma liked her cheese to be made.

All our creamy Lancashires are made to exacting standards, using tried and tested techniques of cheesecraft, and using only Bowland milk sourced from local farms. This rich milk produces Grandma Singletons Famously Strong Lancashire, the leading brand of Lancashire cheese in the UK, and the strongest Lancashire cheese available in the UK.

Whether a classic or a cheese with a modern twist, our cheeses are aged to perfection and only use the finest ingredients when adding our exciting flavours. Many of our recipes date back across the generations but we’ve also evolved to create some very special flavours.

No-one quite made cheese like Grandma did. So no-one quite makes cheese like we do.