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Dullia Singleton was born in Lancashire 1879. At the age of 25, Dullia enrolled in the County Council Dairy School in Hutton, where she completed a course of Dairy Instruction and earned her certificate for Milking, Butter Making and Cheese Making. A few years later in 1921, after marrying Robert Singleton, Dullia began her cheese making adventures in a lean-to shed alongside her husband’s farm.

By 1934 and with a staff of six, Dullia and Robert set up Singletons Dairy Ltd and began creating fine Traditional Lancashire cheese made to Duillia’s special three day curd recipe. Sadly, in 1939 with the breakout of World War II, the Singleton family were forced to cease trading when their cheese production license was revoked so that all surplus milk could be sent to the British Armed Forces as milk powder.

After the war, cheese production on the farm gradually restarted. By 1961, Dullia’s grandson Alan had taken the reins at Singletons Dairy from his father and moved to Longridge Dairy on Mill Farm. There, he returned to making the classics in the same way Grandma Singleton had done the previous century. Business boomed. People were more interested in deliciously creamy handcrafted cheese than ever before.

1985 saw another strong woman take to the helm of Singletons Cheese as Tilly Carefoot joined her father, Alan Riding, to drive the brand forward. In 2011, Tilly honoured her Great Grandmother, the founder of Singletons cheese and the creator of many of its key recipes by rebranding the full range of cheese made at Singletons Dairy as “Grandma Singletons” as we know it today.

Under Tilly’s leadership, Grandma’s cheese is now exported to over 30 countries around the globe and has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Export twice.

From its humble beginnings back in a lean-to shed in 1934 to the global exporter of fine cheese it is today, Grandma’s stamp is still everywhere. Even as technology marches on and so many things have changed in the world, our award winning cheese is still heavily influenced by the brand’s heritage and history and most importantly, all of our cheese is still made Grandma’s way.

Grandma's Awards